Thursday, 8 July 2010

He is (not) from Barcelona

"I speak English good, I learn it from a boooook."

Not Andrew Sachs, but Laurent Manuel, who according to Sky Sports News last night has joined Plymouth on a year long deal. However, other sources such as the official website have either not caught up yet or it's not true.

More transfer news recently includes Ashley Barnes to Brighton, Simon Walton to Sheffield United (also described as 'his last chance'), and the possible disappearance of Alan Gow. Not forgetting Sturrock to Southend; although they've managed to cancel three of their pre-season matches since he joined. And finally Duguid and Bolaise have signed extensions to their contracts.

So things are starting to move at Home Park as Argyle's pre-season kicks off this Saturday at Truro. Reid has stated the proverbial 'clean slate' for all the players. It remains to see who blots it first.

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