Sunday, 25 April 2010

Going out in Style

Nottingham Forest 3 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Well if you're going to drop then better to go down not giving a damn. A woeful performance that is just one more of a pathetic season, but is no longer worth getting wound up about because it made no difference to anything. Except the difference between how much 'they' the club and players want it verses 'us' the supporters. At the end a very poor showing of support for the support sums up how little the professionals care for those that sustain and support them. Plus, Mariner has now fallen out of the zone and is really just as bad as Sturrock. Whatever he managed to to in the immediate take over has unravelled and cannot be sustainable into next season. His job is not secure apparently, but who would be best to handle such a tainted product?

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