Wednesday, 13 January 2010


So the transfer embargo was a symptom of something much more deeply worrying - that Argyle had received a winding up order. What the heck has happened? From being a celebrated financially stable club that wouldn't throw pence at a tin of paint for fear of being in the red to one that was on the verge of being extinct within at most a year? Seeing especially as the takeover happened very recently, which was meant to give the club a firmer foundation. So what has happened to all the so called money? The tangible answer lays in the big squad with players paid stupid prices for not even getting a sniff at playing, let alone getting into the car park. But this cannot be all. No wonder Argyle desperately wanted people to stop buying Dewdney's pasties, if the catering is going to make up some of the short fall. But apparently this is ancient history (if a few weeks can be ancient) and nothing to worry about. Like fuck it is - there will always be a 'what if' element.

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