Sunday, 2 November 2008

PG's Trips - Steel City Red Blues

Sheffield United (Beattie 49 pen, Beattie 57) 2 - 0 Plymouth Argyle

Just a quick one today:

We always get shit refs.
2 gifted goals - a fair result? Well the direction of the 3 points, possibly yes. The way the goals happened, probably not. But all in all the slack performance that the Greens gave, they probably would not have got anything from the Steel City's red half. And to be honest, we have not really been playing well for some time. Luckily, everyone else played worse.

A big problem that looms like a black cloud is the ineffectiveness of the team to come back from being behind. In all 15 games when Argyle went behind, never have they managed to score. And secondly, the nervousness in front of goal. The big white netty thing is where the ball should go. You don't get points for farting around and looking all flash in the penalty box, just to lose posession. Goals mean points (and points mean prizes!).

A wasted afternoon.

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Lord Hutton said...

You'll get there. If Hull can do it......