Friday, 11 July 2008

Guess who rules the World

Summer can be a boring time, when supporters squabble amongst themselves for any scrap of information making it past the turnstiles, but this summer has been more quiet than normal on the transfer front with just 2 incoming players. So what do Argyle do about it? They release excuses. And we've heard them all before mainly its the supporters fault for not attending the matches. The most recent excuses to add to the collection (and I'm sure I've heard this one before too) is it's the WAGs' fault.

Players' wives hold their husbands by the balls when it comes to choosing teams, and those teams in London or Manchester or any other big city will always score points on the WAGs' checklist - shopping, money, nightlife, exposure. Plymouth is too far in France for these celebrity conscious women it seems. (
Petticoat Power)

And after you stop laughing at the absurdity of these heroes in shorts and their mistresses, the usual 'we don't have the money' excuses gets trotted out, thinly veiled though. Apparently the inflated cost of buying English players rules out any home-grown players, but getting the foreign ones is just as tough as they need time to adapt to the Argyle way of football. It seems that Argyle play a totally different game to the rest of the world and it'll take far too long for any non-English players to adapt. WTF?! (
Johnny Foreigner)

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