Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Norwich City 2 (Evans 1, Huckerby 87 pen) - 1 Plymouth Argyle (Timar 89)

Norwich City crestAnother match lost because of the referee and a poor play. Within 1 minute whilst Argyle slept Norwich scored a goal (and possibly from an off-side position). It was uphill from there on right to the end of the second half when Huckerby scored a controversial penalty after awarded for Connolly making a stupid tackle in clearing the ball from Huckerby - did he or didn't he? But we can blame the referee's decisions in order to cover up inadequcies. It looked as if Holloway's departure hadn't taken its toll with the win against Sheffield, but for the past 3 games, you can see that it blatantly has - the standard of player's game has dropped significantly and in some cases it looks as if they have never played together before. Sturrock, despite saying he would not alter a thing, is going to have to rebuild the squad again as they get used to a new style of management and coaching. With the "derby" game against Bristol this Saturday, there will be a lot of pride at stake, especially as City are highflyers new to this level whilst Plymouth are now old dogs with no excuse.

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